5 Outfits That Go With Your Red Lipstick

Jan 17, 2022 Stella Green
5 Outfits That Go With Your Red Lipstick - Bellabarnett

Representing enthusiasm and boldness, red elements are often used to enhance women's romance and charm. As girls’ armor and spiritual pillar, red lipstick is not an exception. A woman with red lip must be dazzling, who can easily stand out in the crowd. Additionally, a suitable dress may be a plus for the charm and sexy image.

So what kind of dress should we choose to go with red lipstick? Bright red is very refreshing and bright. Almost all clothes with low saturation color can complement bright red lip color. The classic matching object of flame red lips must be black, white and nude. As for matching a red skirt, although it's dangerous to wear it like this, it won't be against you as long as you choose the right clothes. Here are some classic collocations of red lips.

1. Red Lipstick + White Fur Coat

We're sure that you've seen a red lip paired with a fur coat, but a visual refresher always helps. Fur has its own light. The fur on the surface of the coat is fluffy and plump, which looks comfortable and noble. Flame red lips make you full of energy, combine them for a power combo! With a pair of shiny long earrings, you can easily complete the whole outfit, making your charm irresistible!

2. Red Lipstick + Red Dress

The risky red on red. You may wonder: many stars wear it like this, red skirts with red lipstick. But in fact, it all happened on specific occasions such as stars walking out of the seats for endorsement activities and shooting magazine covers. This combination is not suitable for everyone and will be too grand in daily life. However, it might look absolutely fabulous if you are a brunette. If you are a blond, maybe you can try this combination at a cocktail party.

3. Red lipstick+white knit dress

You know by now that the duo Red/White is a winner, so why not try the white knit bodycon dress? Dress with simple design style and red lips that improve your complexion, this combination is great for daily life in the city. If you don’t want to do over the top, this delicate touch might be the perfect compromise for those who want to be fashionable and trendy without attracting too much the eye. It is also perfect if you have plans in the evening after work, and don’t have time to change a different outfit, cause this look won't look out of step on any occasion!

4. Red Lipstick + Black Suit

As the best match in the workplace, red lipstick collocation with black suit will never go wrong. The black suit is serious and formal, and the positive red lipstick can well increase the luster and enhance the aura. Don't forget to match with a pair of high heels to visually lengthen your legs and highlight your elegant and capable temperament.

5. Red Lipstick + Black Velvet Dress

The collocation of bright red lips and velvet is absolutely harmonious and chic, which can set off a noble temperament and full of femininity. The soft texture and high-class of velvet, coupled with your fluffy curly hair and flaming red lips, which oozes effortlessly flirty vibes. It is definitely the first choice for your date night!

It's actually not that hard to rock a red lip, there are no rules, you just need to find a dress that you think is suitable for red lipstick. No matter what you wear, the confidence and charm brought by red lipstick are irreplaceable.

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