Choosing the right dress for yourself can be tricky. And when you find the perfect style and look of the dress choosing the color can be very tricky. You have to check many aspects when you are buying a dress, but one of the main pointers is the dress colors. The choice of colors depends on many things, such as skin tone, body type, season, and many other things. Hence, you must pick the right color for the dress to look lavishing when you dress up wearing that dress. 

A Complete Guide on How to Choose Dresses in Different Colors

Even if you buy a stunning and expensive dress, but if you pick the wrong color or shade, then it will not look good against your skin. Therefore, if you want to know the best colors for you, here is a complete guide. It will help you get your dresses in the different shades that will suit you the best.

1. Skin tone

You should always pick the color that flatters your skin tone. Generally, the great tone colors such as blue or green look good on pale skin tone, whereas the warm colors like red, brown, or orange flatter dusky skin tones.

Then there are neutral tones such as black, white, and beige. These are the shades that can be worn and styled by every skin tone. Wearing black and white clothes makes you look chic and stylish. Wearing all beige, blacks, or white gives you a very classy and elegant look.

2. Body type

Besides the skin type, you also need to choose the right color for yourself according to your body type. Different colors have different effects. Colors can help you enhance or hide your curves and create a visual illusion to overcome any issue or problems with the body size. Hence, if you have a slightly overbuild body or plumped-shaped body, you can try wearing darker shades such as black, deep red, or dark blues. These shades will help you look slimmer and taller. Whereas on the other side of your body is skinny, opt for lighter colors such as beige, light yellows, light pinks, and other light shades. This will help you with a fuller look and can give you an appearance of curves on your body.

3. Personality

Personality also plays a very important role while picking the right color and the right for yourself. If you have are bold and outspoken, you can surely wear vivid colors such as bright red, pink, orange, or yellow. But if you have a more conservative nature and don’t like to be the center of attention, then go for some pale or pastel colors such as mint green, lavender, sky blue. Some of the shades that everyone can wear the neutral tones such as ivory, black, white, and beige. These shades can look good on everybody and will make you look extremely sensual and chic.

4. Season

Although there are no rules for fashion, sometimes it is good that you follow some basic rules. Hence, you should also pick the colors for your dress according to the season. You should avoid the darker shades such as dark shades of red or grey, navy blue, blacks in summers and hot days. These shades are not a good heat absorber and will make you feel hotter. Instead, opt for light colors soothing to the eyes, such as pastels, white or soft shades of green and blue. Other than this, save the dark and warmer tone dresses like brown, rust, dark orange, and red for autumn and winters.

5. Occasion

You must follow the code of colors to wear on occasion. Light and sober shades such as light blue, white, and other cool shades should be worn in office settings. It will give you a classy and edgy look. Wear bright and bold colors like dark blue or bright pink for an outing with friends or hangouts. In the end, dark and deep colors should be saved for parties or special occasions. Wear black or navy blue or dark grey for night events to get an elegant look. Other than this, neutral colors can be worn in laid-back and casual settings.

6. Mix and Match

The last thing to look for when choosing the right colored dress for yourself is mixing and matching. This can be a very tricky part of creating a good clothing piece. Whenever you are wearing a combination pair, whether it being a shirt with a skirt or a shirt with trousers, you need to make sure that the lighter colors work on the top whereas the darker color is worn as a bottom. This will give it a pleasing effect to look at.

You should also be careful about the prints that your wear. Make sure that you don’t mix and match two different prints. Strips should be worn with stripes, similarly checks with checks.

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