Find the Best Wedding Guest Dress – What to Wear and How to Style

Matthew Brown - November 12 2021

We can all agree no one ever wants to seem out of place in a wedding setting. It’s vital to wear an appropriate outfit when you have to attend a wedding. Unfortunately, there is never a universal dress code that applies to all types of weddings.

Therefore, it’s very often necessary to alter your selection based on the wedding style, location, and time of the year,  which can make choosing a wedding guest dress confusing, if not impossible at times. However, with a bit of attention to detail, you can quickly determine whether a specific type of dress is suitable for a wedding or not. Also, you can find out more about the wedding by following the cues in the wedding invitation.

We will delve into the wedding guest dress and look at some of the wedding styles that you can consider. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

The Differences Between a Wedding Guest Dress and Other Occasion Dresses

When it comes to guest wedding dresses, it can sometimes prove to be challenging to decipher. Practically, almost all types of dresses can work, but I must insist on the ‘almost’ part. It’s not like you can pick your favorite party or cocktail dress and go to the event, no siree! Thankfully, this section will help you differentiate different occasional dresses and whether they are suitable for the event or not. So, let’s get down to business.

Cocktail Dress

I’m sure you are probably tempted to take your go-to cocktail dress to the wedding. Well, it’s not a far-fetched idea. It’s a small step to the semi-formal but not the full-on formal cocktail attire. Your cocktail dress will work only if it’s a representation of the perfect balance between elegant, comfortable, and stylish. The cocktail dress in question should also be more formal for your typical wedding but casual enough for a night celebration. If your attire checks all these boxes, then you are good to go.

Smart Casual Guest Wedding Dress

Another look that’s incredibly difficult to pull off but totally worth is the smart casual guest wedding dress. To nail the look, always remember to keep your look simple, elegant, and easygoing. More importantly, instead of fancy outfits, go for the midi skirts. And for the footwear, stick with wedges, block heels, or scandals.

Formal Guest Wedding Dress

This option is somewhat ambiguous. However, the formal guest wedding dress denotes an elegant appearance since it sits between the black-tie and semi-formal. Therefore, you can wear long or short formal dresses or dressy separates. But remember, formal doesn’t have to be a floor-length attire.

The Best Wedding Guest Dress Styles

1. The One-Shoulder Floral Dress

Weddings in the summer always call for fun prints, flouncy hemlines, and bright colors. The one-shoulder cotton dress boasts of all these three properties. This dress is impossibly chic that it will give you that unique unfussy aesthetics. Be sure to secure your hair in a low pony or bun to flaunt your one-shoulder neckline.

2. Strapless Midi Dress

Do you fancy soft and ethereal dress designs? If yes, then this strapless midi dress is just what you need for your guest dress. You will love how this dress highlights some unique feminine and romantic details.

3. Chocolate Satin Dress

The v-neck satin dress is a famous fashion trend right now. If you have an upcoming wedding, you can take advantage of this trend and wear one. Satin dresses feel expensive; therefore, they always look incredible at those fancy events. Not to mention, the satin material and chocolate color will make you feel stunning.

4. The Metallic Bandage Dress

Are you looking for bodycon dresses that will make you dazzle at any event? Search no more as this metallic bandage bodycon dress is just what you need in your wedding guest dress list. The dress is a curve-caressing mini that features

5. The Maxi Bandage Dress

If you want a wedding guest dress that will definitely be a show stopper, you can never go wrong with a maxi bandage dress. It comes with a sweetheart neckline and lustrous design that will keep the mood just right throughout the occasion. It is a sophisticated long dress with a gleaming touch of a classy ensemble. This wedding guest dress will also perfectly adorn your curves.

Tips on Styling with Wedding Guest Dress

Aside from finding suitable wedding guest dresses, you should also know how to match them perfectly. Thankfully, we’ve highlighted a few tips that you can use to avoid a fashion faux pas at the wedding.

1. Avoid White

The gravest mistake you can make during this day as a guest is wearing white. No guest should steal the attention from the wedding queen, the bride. It’s her special day, after all. If you wear a white dress as well, there’s a chance you might be confused about being the bride, which can be a bit embracing. So, no matter how white looks, avoid it, at least just for that one day.

2. Don’t Go Overboard

It’s impossible not to feel like a queen during a wedding, even if you are not the bride. As such, we all end up treating ourselves with a fancy dress. However, even though it’s also a special day for you, try your best not to go overboard. Like I said earlier, it’s bride’s day. So, any dress that screams, ‘look at me’ should be avoided.

3. Always Bring a Pair of Flats

Wearing high heels all day can take a toll on your feet, so a pair of sandals or ballet pumps should help. You can change your shoes later in the day, and no one will notice. Also, changing your shoes will ensure you can dance away into the night.

4. Accessorize

Attending weddings in succession can be costly, especially if you have to purchase a new dress every time. An excellent way to avoid breaking the bank is by investing in accessories. You can update your handbag and jewelry but still wear the same dress. Additionally, you can go for statement accessories which will take away the attention from your clothing. 

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