9 Ideas to Rock a Cut-Out Dress for Any Occasion

Jun 19, 2021 Eva Taylor
9 Ideas to Rock a Cut-Out Dress for Any Occasion - Bellabarnett

Cut-out dresses are one of the biggest fashion trends right now. You can thank Kylie Jenner, Keira Knightly, Taylor Swift, and Miranda Kerr for making cut-out dresses a staple both on and off the red carpet. This sexy-yet-sophisticated dress plays length against seduction with cleverly placed cuts that show off just enough skin.

Not every cut-out dress puts the focus on your cleavage. Casual cut-out dresses feature a more subtle design, like our Toccara knit maxi dress. If you want to show off your toned mid-rift, our ‘Adelina’ cut-out bandage dress is a perfect choice. Whatever your figure or styling preferences, you’re guaranteed to find a cut-out dress that deserves a spot in your closet.

Whether you’re hitting the town or grabbing brunch, there’s a cut-out dress for every occasion. We’re sharing our top tips on how to style a cut-out dress for any occasion.

  • Don’t overdo it

If you’re a fan of accessories, you’ll know it’s easy to have too much of a good thing. With a cut-out dress, you want to let the silhouette take centre stage. Your cut-our dress can do all the talking. It’s an instant conversation starter and the main piece of your look. Keep your accessories as minimalistic as possible, trying to focus on one aspect.

Keep your jewelry simplistic and dainty. Leave your statement necklaces and matching jewelry sets at home. One signature piece will carry your outfit better than a matching three-piece jewelry set. Statement drop earrings or an intricate bracelet are the perfect plus one for a cut-out dress.

  • Party in the back

Some of our favorite cut-out dresses are ones that put the focus on your back. If you want a sophisticated-but-sexy look, keep an eye out for dresses that feature a back cut-out detailing. Our ‘Quincy’ bandage dress features cut-outs on the shoulders and has a backless silhouette, giving you the best of both worlds.

A backless cut-out dress is more versatile as you can experiment with the cut-outs and show a little skin or add a blazer to cover up for more formal occasions.

  • Keep your makeup low-key

Styling a cut-out dress is about more than just your accessories – you also want to consider your makeup. A cut-out dress is the new LBD (little black dress) and deserves to be the centre of attention. Keep your makeup low-key to let everyone’s eyes fall on your dress. An easy way to create low-key makeup is to choose one aspect to focus on, whether it’s your lips or eyes. Focus on a flawless base and have fun with one part of your makeup.

  • Invest in your undergarments

A cut-out dress hugs your curves and shows off your figure. The last thing you want is a visible panty line or bra strap. Invest in a set of undergarments that work with your specific cut-out dress, keeping in mind where the cut-outs are. You might need to get creative with your bras or choose underwear that has lace for a seamless look. Stepping out in the wrong underwear can turn your look from 10 to 0.

  • Wear your hair in an updo

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Most cut-out dresses tend to feature a cut-out on the top of the dress. Whether it’s on the shoulders, cleavage, or mid-rift, you want to take away any distractions by placing your hair in an updo. This hairstyle instantly elevates your look, while giving you a sleeker finish for your cut-out dress.

  • Don’t be afraid to wear sneakers

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When cut-out dresses first became a trend, sneakers were a no-go. Fast forward to winter 2021 and sneakers are our ride or die. If you’re not a fan of stilettos or want a more casual look, sneakers are your best friend. They’re also the perfect choice for slipping into at the end of the night when you’ve had enough of your stilettos.

Our ‘Yaliu’ cut-out mini bandage dress is the perfect style for wearing with your go-to sneakers and a denim jacket for a laidback weekend look.

  • Highlight your favourite feature

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One of our favorite ways to wear a cut-out dress is to choose a silhouette that highlights our best feature. If you’ve been hustling at the gym, show off your mid-rift with a side cut-out. If you’re all about cleavage, there are dozens of different cut-out styles for you to choose from that will shine a light on your assets.

  • Book in for a spray tan

What makes a cut-out dress different from most silhouettes is that you’ll end up showing more skin than usual – and where usually don’t. If you need an extra confidence boost, it’s worth booking in for a spray tan or investing in a new bottle of your favorite at-home tan. Make sure you pay attention to the areas where your cut-out detailing is for an even application.

  • Wear it as the new LBD

If there’s one thing that we’re sure of, it’s that cut-out dresses are going to be the biggest trend of 2022. You might even think of them as the new LBD. Our ultimate styling tip is to wear a cut-out dress just like your favorite LBD. Both dresses are known for their sexy-meets-elegant styling and their versatility is almost endless.

With the right accessories and styling, an LBD and cut-out dress are the only styles you need in your closet. Instead of slipping into your tried-and-tested LBD, try something new this season with a cut-out dress. Trust us. Once you try it, you won’t be able to go back. Are you ready to add a cut-out dress to your closet? You can shop our range of best-selling cut-out dresses here. Grab one quick, they’re the perfect plus one for the festive season and a guaranteed showstopper for your Instagram feed.

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