Do you rummage through your closet every season wondering about the most stylish thing to wear? You may spend hours looking for the perfect dress as the weather outside starts getting cold. It is time to put those shorts sleeved dresses to the back of your closet and embrace the long-sleeved warmer dresses. There are so many fashion trends that come in and out every year, and it is often nerve-wracking to choose what to get to enhance your new winter wardrobe. So, if you are looking for some great long sleeve dresses to spice up your wardrobe this season, then keep on reading.

Types of Long Sleeves

There are so many types of long sleeves that you can choose from. Often it can be a bit daunting to make a decision that fits you.

One of the most popular choices of long sleeves is cuff sleeves. They are great for business meetings as they make you look elegant and professional. Cuff sleeves usually have two pleats which are buttoned at the cuff and have a placket opening. These can be used for dresses to add an elegant feel.

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Another great option is bell sleeves. These sleeves have a full flare at the bottom of the sleeve’s hem, giving it a bell-shaped look.

A frill sleeve is also an attractive option for long-sleeved dresses. These sleeves are fitted until the elbow, and then a frill is attached to the end. The kind of frill used can be different depending on what you prefer.

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A hanging sleeve is an impeccable choice of long sleeves too. This is a very long sleeve that is opened at the seam and hangs down. It is a stylish and flattering choice of sleeves to wear, especially for summer dresses.

5 Long Sleeve Dress Ideas

  • Midi Dress

This is the perfect choice for any event. A midi dress lies between a mini and maxi dress. It is well suited for every body shape and works great as a long-sleeved dress. For a lovely winter look, you can pair it with some nice tights or leggings and a pair of boots. A midi dress can be made using many different styles, patterns, and colors.  You can wear them as floral or plain too. They are an excellent option to look put together and elegant without making too much of an effort. They are a good option if you go to an event and do not know how formal it is. The dress works on both casual and formal occasions and is a must-have for your winter wardrobe.

  • Sweater Dress

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This is a great option for the winter season. This dress is often knitted and can be made in too many different lengths depending on your preferences. This dress is also suitable for all types of body shapes and forms. They work best and are commonly made with long sleeves. They are preferably worn in the colder or winter months. They are casual and are very comfortable too. They can be made in many different styles, like turtle necks. They are comfy and look stylish with a pair of sneakers or some boots.

  • Smock Dress

A smock dress looks great and works with long sleeves. It is mostly loosely fitting, so it is an incredible choice for people wearing layers during the winter. A flattering and feminine look gives the impression of the wearer being pulled together without being too uncomfortable. A smock dress can be made in many various lengths and styles. Adding some ruffles is a great idea to spice up your new look. It is a prevalent and fun option. There are also many styles and patterns in which you can wear this dress. Checked smock dresses are a great way to add some style and grace to your new look.

  • Denim Dress

Denim is the classic option for everyone. It is comfortable, versatile, and works great with everything you wear. Long-sleeved denim dresses are the way to go if you want a comfy and stylish look during the winter season. You can add some flair to the dress with a belt or some lovely buttons. This dress looks great as a maxi, mini dress, or any other type of style you can think of!

  • Printed Dress

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Printed dresses have been around for a while, but they are timeless pieces of clothing. They are so much fun and work perfectly as long-sleeved dresses. The number of patterns you can use is endless. You can choose floral, abstract art, or even a plain dress with zigzag lines or patterns. One of the most popular patterns being used now is animal prints. Whether it’s a cheetah, jaguar, or tiger print, they are the best way to look stylish this season. They look flattering in all types of seasons and can be made using many different styles.

The Takeaway

There are many different types of long sleeves like cuff sleeves, bell sleeves, and hanging sleeves. A midi dress is a great choice if you want to go to a casual or formal event. Another option is a sweater dress which not only looks good but also is very comfy. If you prefer a baggy yet flattering look, a smock dress is a great option. The timeless denim dresses are also a great choice as a comfy yet stylish choice for long-sleeved dresses. If you are looking for some cool and rad styles, go for printed dresses. With so many great options, your wardrobe is sure to look fabulous.

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