Bellabarnett – Your One and Only Fashion Place for the Most Extraordinary Bandage Dresses

Feb 1, 2021 Matthew Brown
Bellabarnett – Your One and Only Fashion Place for the Most Extraordinary Bandage Dresses - Bellabarnett

In the sea of many types of dresses, one fashion dress that stands out is the bandage dress. The sexiest dress of them all, also known as “body-con” is a popular choice among females who want to show off their curves and silhouette.

The first type of bandage dress appeared back in the early ’90s. Those were the times when it was fashionable for women to be extra thin and everyone wanted to be models. The designer who created and introduced the bandage dress to the fashion world was Herve L. Leroux. From that moment on, the bandage dress becomes a synonym for a modern, trendy, and fashionable dress that showed everything and hid nothing. 

Today, the dress is so popular, maybe more than ever. The form-fitting, shaping garment grew to become a must-have piece in every woman’s wardrobe. On the world fashion scene, bandage dresses are now enjoying their biggest presence and popularity. This might be due to the popularity and celebrity choice. Especially with the support and acceptance of diversity and acknowledging that beauty comes in all sizes and shapes, the bandage dress today has become the dress that is suitable for everyone.

Lead by exactly that idea, Bella Barnett was founded as a company that will specialize in selling the best and most modern bandage dresses. Carefully chosen to follow the current trends, seasons, and demands on the market, Bella Barnett has an enormous bandage dress offer that will absolutely leave you in awe.

How to choose the right size for a bandage dress

When choosing a bandage dress, the size is very important and it must be chosen properly. Although it might look that the bandage dresses do not provide a space to breathe that is simply not true. On the contrary, the point of the bandage dress is to follow the line of the body, adapt to it, while giving it a bit of shaping dose. This means that the dress should feel comfortable and certainly, not too tight. The suitable size of the bandage dress most commonly aligns with the regular size of the dresses you wear. Since it has shape-wear-infused properties, it might feel a bit tight. It is important not to go for the bigger size because then the point of the bandage dress will be lost, as well as not choose a smaller one because it might make you uncomfortable, hard to move around, and put too much on display.

Where can you wear a bandage dress

Not all occasions allow wearing a bandage dress, but there are plenty of those that are suitable for it. Since it is a shaping and form-fitting dress, it is best to avoid the extremely official and black-tie events. On these occasions, this type of dress might look inappropriate. However, it is great for nights out, cocktails, clubs, day outings, lunches, dinners, etc.

How to care for the bandage dress

The bandage dresses are made of an elasticized fabric and cotton which makes them feel good and comfortable on the skin. The best care that is suggested for the bandage dress is at the dry cleaners. The professionals will know exactly how to care for the particular fabric, and you will even get it ironed and ready for wearing. If you are looking for home care then it is best to use a liquid detergent and hand wash the dress with cold or lukewarm water. Then, hand it on a hanger to dry. The ironing should be done very carefully, possibly with a protective towel over it.

If you ever wondered if you should get a bandage dress, now is the time. Let the popularity and the features of the dress flaunt your curves, upgrade your fashion style, and make you look top-notch. And to make all of these possibilities true, head to Bella Barnett and pick your choice!

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