It all started not long ago, out of our passion for the fashion world. We set
ourselves to designing affordable luxury apparel for bold and feminine women,
with hot and sensual designs that can be easily recognized across the room, and
make them feel stylish, sexy, and elegant all at the same time.
Bella Barnett is about affordable luxury and style, but we believe there’s
another dimension to it with unlimited potential, and that is the capability of
delivering a message, both to the person that wears our clothes and to any
casual observers.
We aim to inspire women to gain confidence, love themselves, and encourage
them to reinvent their style through fashion, so they can see themselves with
a fresh pair of eyes, and feel as sexy as they have never felt.
Our clothes are meant to help you cut through the everyday noise and bring
clarity, assertiveness, and inspiration, so you can finally live by your own
standards and reach your full potential, while motivating others to do the same.
That’s what Bella Barnett is all about: passion, elegance, and motivation to
become your best version.