The Real Differences between Bandage Dress and Bodycon Dress

Matthew Brown - April 08 2021

The Real Differences between Bandage Dress and Bodycon Dress

We stumble on gossip columns that claim Kim Kardashian looked striking in her bandage dress. We skim articles that express appreciation for how Taylor Swift rocked a sassy bodycon style. However, it is always challenging to examine whether a particular dress is of bandage or bodycon, as both, with similar appearances, are designed to show the feminine profile highlighting sexy hips, booty curves, and alluring bust lines. Today, here in the post, we will share all those real differences among these two dresses and help you find one that works for your body. 

The Main Features Of Bandage Dress And Bodycon Dress

A bandage dress resembles its name, in that it snugly fits your body like a bandage. The name actually refers to the layers of material that make up the dress and give it a distinct look and feel. Made with the help of heavy fabric that can support a great shape on the curve and offer an iconic silhouette, bandage dresses are usually tight, durable, and sturdy. The material tucks and supports all the curves and even bulges of your body and creates a smooth silhouette. With a skin-tight fitting, bandage dresses are designed to make the body looks perfectly shaped.

Bodycon dresses are the opposite – they do not offer as much fitting to the curves. The name “bodycon” refers to “body-conscious” or “body confidence.” With either definition, these dresses were designed to show off a woman’s original figure. With the lighter fabrics, bodycon dresses make an individual feel more comfortable and relaxed while wearing them. The major advantage of the bodycon is that women of any shape or size can easily wear such dresses, as they are precisely designed to trace your original silhouette. These dresses are a perfect option to wear in warm weather because of their relaxed fit.

What Are The Real Differences

So how does bandage dress differ from the regular bodycon dress? As discussed above, the clue lies in identifying the fabric and fit of the dress. Bandage dresses are mainly made with three types of material – rayon, nylon, and spandex. Rayon offers silk-like qualities and a trademark luster. Nylon provides remarkable durability and strength, and spandex has the characteristics of flexibility and stretch. The blend of these soft, quality and breathable materials makes the bandage dresses figure-hugging and comfortable to wear for a long duration.

Bodycon dresses are available in a number of fabric combinations that suit most body shapes and sizes. Some worthy bodycon dresses are made of high-quality polyester blends with some weight and padding. With thinner material, bodycon dress typically has very little stretch and do not provide the sleek look of the bandage dress or work like shapewear as bandage dresses do. They are made to have a proper fitting on the body and there is similar stretch found whether you are walking or standing.

Compared with bandage dresses, bodycon dresses are designed to trace rather than support and shape your body. Hence, while anyone can wear a bodycon dress, they often are not as flattering as the bandage dress and more unforgiving of bulges or problem areas. A bandage dress, on the other hand, is crafted with layers of materials that will nip and tuck and shape your figure.

Tips To Wear Bandage Dress And Bodycon Dress

As we have discussed, bandage dresses are extremely fitted to the body. If you have perfect body language, you may choose a flattering bandage dress while going to a party or any other occasion.

On the other hand, you can try a bodycon dress when you prefer to stay relaxed, such as at a family event. Even though, if you are going to join a party at warmer places, you can also choose a bodycon dress because of its lighter fabric. Beyond that, if you need to wear a particular dress for a long time, a comfortable bodycon dress can be a good idea. Overall, confidence is the number one rule one must follow when deciding to wear a bodycon dress.

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