How To Stay Warm And Still Look Cute And Stylish

Aine Lagan - November 01 2021

Winter is around the corner and if there’s one thing that everyone should be excited about it’s the winter dresses! Summer dresses are simple and you can play with the punchy colors and flaunt the curves in the open season. On the other hand, winter dresses add layers of clothing that you can tweak with and give yourself a refreshing, attractive look. Here are a few tips for winter dresses that will keep you warm and still have you looking on top of your game.


1. Turtlenecks

Turtleneck sweaters with over-the-knee flat boots can give you a lovely look and will help you step into the limelight as you’ll look strapped for the cold weather while also adding a bit of glamour to the overall look. Accessorize the look with a belt and a hat to match. You can also add a mid-sized handbag as big ones can steal the attention from you.

2. Round Neck Sweater + Jeans

Round necks never go out of fashion and if you’re heading out around neck striped sweater with your favorite grey jeans can have you ready in no time. Pair the look with a handbag that matches your stripes and you’re ready for the show. This is the perfect blend between casual and semi-casual that can look saucy with over-the-knee boots.

Round Neck Sweater + Jeans
Deep V-neck + Jeans

3. Deep V-neck + Jeans

Round necks aren’t your thing? Deep V-necks are an excellent sweater choice that can complement your personality perfectly. Make sure there isn’t much going on with the colors as a plain color sweater with grey or black jeans will give a refined and decent look that is even fit for parties. Add a classy handbag, some shades, and low-rise boots to complete the look.

4. All Black

This look never disappoints. If you’re in the winter-loving club then you must have an all-black winter outfit to show for it. A knee-length sweater with knee-high boots and gloves is the perfect combination that will turn heads and will have you looking more confident than ever.

If you’re a cap-wearing person you can choose either wool or tie your hair up in a bun to complete the look. You can accessorize everything in this look starting with the headwear to the footwear. A wool coat and riding boots have been around for hundreds of years and are surely one of the best winter combinations ever.

All Black
The Fur Coat with Sakina Metal Embellishment Maxi Dress

5. The Fur Coat

We kept our best for the end. If you were wondering where the fur coat went, it’s definitely right among the best outfits out there. A fur coat is versatile as it can be taken off, worn casually, or be given a formal look in no time. Our favorite looks include a Black fur coat over the highly applauded Sakina Metal Embellishment Maxi Dress and heels to match.

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