8 Stylish Ways to Style Sheer or Mesh Dress

Jul 2, 2021 Aine Lagan
8 Stylish Ways to Style Sheer or Mesh Dress - Bellabarnett

A mesh dress is a guaranteed showstopper. Whether you’re a fan of a mini dress or a bandage midi dress, you’re guaranteed to find a mesh dress that makes you the center of attention. Mesh can take a classic silhouette and turn it on its head, guaranteeing you a spot on the best-dressed list. A mesh dress is flirty, fun, and effortlessly chic – ticking all the boxes for the perfect Instagram photo.

At Bella Barnett, mesh dresses are one of our go-to styles for any occasion. We’re sharing 8 tips on how to style a mesh dress for any occasion. Whether you’re hitting the nightclub or attending a black-tie event, these are the styling tips that will take your mesh dress to the next level.

  • Experiment with your lining

Most mesh dresses don’t come with lining. If your mesh dress is exposed on the front, you can get creative and experiment with a lining. You can easily elevate your look by adding a silk slip underneath or by using a contrasting fabric. If you’re feeling daring, skip the lining and wear your favorite and most daring lingerie. Don’t be afraid to wear lingerie that stands out, especially if it’s in a darker or bolder color than your mesh dress.

  • Make it autumn appropriate with boots

At Bella Barnett, boots are our favorite accessory. You can make your mesh dress more versatile and turn it into a transitional piece with the help of your go-to ankle boots. If your mesh dress has a mini or midi silhouette, the ankle boots can help elongate your figure by showing off your legs. You can style your ankle boots with sheet socks to incorporate the mesh trend into your accessories.

  • Layer with a T-shirt

If your mesh dress has spaghetti straps, take your layering to the next level with a T-shirt. This styling tip can help you transform your mess dress into a versatile transitional piece. It works best with organza mesh dresses, allowing you to add another dimension to your look with contrasting fabrics.

  • Cinch in your waist with a belt

One of our favorite styling tricks is also one of the easiest in the fashion bible. A belt will instantly accentuate your curves by cinching in your waist. An oversized belt will take a simple mesh dress to the next level, whether you keep it minimalistic or go all out with a dramatic buckle. You can choose a belt in the same hue as your mesh dress for a monochrome look or add a contrasting twist with a bold shade.

  • Open toe stilettoes

If you’ve got a special occasion coming up, your mesh dress will be the perfect plus one. Give your dress an elegant but contemporary feel with open-toe stilettoes. You can have fun with your look and match your pedicure to your dress. If you’re going all out, look for open-toe stilettoes with a hint of sparkle. This styling tip works for cocktail parties, weddings, and black-tie events.

  • Wear knee-high boots

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With winter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to experiment with knee-high boots. They can add an unexpected twist to a mesh dress and add an extra layer of seduction to your look. This styling tip works best for mini mesh dresses and is an easy way to recreate a supermodel-worthy look. If you’re feeling bold, choose knee-high boots in a daring shade of red.

  • Keep your jewelry minimalistic

It’s easy to get carried away with accessories. When you’re wearing a mesh dress, you want it to be the center of attention. Keep your jewelry minimalistic and choose one statement accessory, whether it’s bold earrings or an intricate bracelet. You can let the mesh dress do the talking by wearing simplistic gold or silver jewelry. Want a more elevated look? Choose accessories in the same color family as your mesh dress to create an on-trend monochrome look.

  • Adds pops of color

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Minimalism isn’t for everyone. A mesh dress is the perfect LBD to wear for any occasion. If you want to add a bold twist to your look, choose a color and stick to it. We love adding red to a black dress for a sultry look. You can incorporate your chosen color throughout your look with matching shoes, accessories, or a belt. For an elevated look, choose a shade that compliments your dress. If your mesh dress features accent colors, you can incorporate them throughout your outfit for an effortlessly chic look.

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