Dressing for Pear Body Shape: A Complete Guide

Eva Taylor - Feb 11 2022

dressing for pear body shape: a complete guide

Many girls with pear shaped figure have encountered the confusion of dressing due to their stature, a little carelessness is likely to expose the defects of the body. This article will give you a better understanding of pear shape body and the dressing ideas of taking its unique advantage of looking great, no matter what characteristics you want to show off or hide, we're here to help you dress for your pear shaped type.

What Is a Pear Shaped Body

The pear body shape is characterised by large hips which are wider than the bust and shoulders. The fat of pear shaped girls is basically accumulated in the waist, abdomen, hips and thighs. Compared with other figures, it always gives people a sense of fullness in the lower body, while the upper body is quite slim. The shape is more like a fruit -- pear, which is hence the name.

what is a pear body shape

Characteristics of Pear Shaped Figure

1. The difference between upper and lower body is obvious.
2. The waist is much thinner than the crotch. Pear shaped people have a slender waist and a wide crotch.
3. Hips and thighs are full. Probably because the waist is relatively thin, it will appear that the hips and thighs are relatively fat.
4. Narrow shoulders and small bust.
5. Weight gain often occurs first in the hips, thighs and lower abdomen.

If you still can't clearly judge whether you belong to a pear shape when you read here, I have an easy way to determine your body shape in under 5 minutes.

1. Thighs close together and upright.
2. Draw a vertical line from the joint of arm and shoulder.
3. The hip width exceeds the vertical line, and the waist line is obviously pear shaped.

Generally speaking, a pear shaped figure is considered when the shoulder is over 5cm narrower than the crotch and the waist is more than 5cm narrower than the shoulder.

The good news is that many pear shaped bloggers have proved that as long as you master the correct way of dressing, the pear shaped body will not be fat, but can best reflect the gorgeous curve of women.

characteristics of pear shaped figure

Dressing a Pear Shape: Dos And Don'ts

The biggest problem with pear shaped body is that people with too much feeling of quantity in the lower body, which makes people look clumsy. But on the contrary, the feeling of quantity in the upper body is light. Therefore, in terms of dressing, we should try to visually weaken the lower body and highlight the upper body.

1. Fitting Top And Loose Bottom

Pear shaped figure is mostly thin in upper body, but wide in crotch and thick in leg. “Fitting top and loose bottom” can show a gorgeous upper body curve and avoid exposing the weaknesses of figure. Try to wear slim clothes on the upper body to reflect "tightening", and proper skin exposure can also show high and thin visually. If you tend to be on the curvy side, this is even truer—make sure to show it off! Keep your bottom as loose as possible. Some wide and long bottoms, such as A-line skirt and wide leg pants, can hide the original shape of the body by extending naturally and smoothly at the widest part of the hip circumference.

fitting top and loose bottom for pear shape

2. Short Top And Long Bottom

With the lower body fat, it must be the problem of false hip width, we believe 9 of 10 pear shapes will have this trouble. While the outfit rule of “short top and long bottom” can well avoid this problem. When the upper part is short and the lower part is long, the waistline can be raised and making our body proportion more coordinated. In addition to showing height and thin, it can also visually lengthen the lower body and weaken the clumsiness caused by wide hip circumference. In this way, the problem of false hip width can be solved.

short top and long bottom for pear shape

3. Light Top And Dark Bottom

As mentioned earlier, the pear shaped figure is generally light at the top and heavy at the bottom. Balancing with color is also a very worthwhile idea in case you want to solve the problem. Choose light colors for the upper body, and select dark colors for the lower body, which will have a tightening feeling visually. If you love bright colors and bold patterns, you’re in luck. Brave enough to try a little pattern mixing? Go for it! Wearing solid and concise styles on the lower body and choose more complicated and colorful clothes on the upper body, which can also play an inflationary role and shift people's attention to the upper body.

light top and dark bottom for pear shape
three wrong way that people with pear shaped figure should say

Three Wrong Way That People with Pear Shaped Figure Should Say “No”

1. Say “no” to tights
Tights are naked "body magnifiers", especially light colored tights. The pear shaped figure with big hips and thick legs will undoubtedly expose your shortcomings. Of course, there is no problem to wear tight pants if you cover your crotch with a wide coat, that's your secret weapon!

2. Say “no” to hip skirt
The reason is similar to the tight pants. Hip skirt is able to highlight the fat on your hips and thighs easily. On the contrary, what can save you is the A-line skirt, which covers the meat and is elegant. Complete the look with a pair of boots, you are a stranger to tubby!

3. Say “no” to low-waist
Although numerous brands have launched low waist look at the 2022 spring and summer fashion week, low-waisted bottom will reveal your hip width and thigh effortless, and even divide the body into five to five proportion, which must not be the effect you want. Girls with pear shaped body should not be challenged easily!

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