Dressing for Apple Body Shape: A Complete Guide

Eva Taylor - Mar 02 2022

Yes, we know, likening your body shape to a fruit is not always...ideal. When we are staring at our body, having the idea of body shame is completely unnecessary, as beauty is diverse and undefined. If you have an apple shaped-body, then you should be proud of your full figure and get ready to flaunt it! (as long as dressing appropriately). No matter what features you want to flaunt or hide, we're here to help you dress your apple-shaped figure.

What Is a Apple Shaped Body

Apple body shapes tend to carry most of their weight on waist and above. Fat is mainly stored in the middle of the body, while their limbs are relatively thin. Therefore, they are also called O-shape body. Apples can be confused with a pear body shape. The main difference being that an apple shaped-body is heavy in the top half of their bodies, while a pear-shaped body is heavier in hips and in the upper thighs.

what is a pear body shape

Characteristics of Apple Shaped Figure

1. You are generally well-proportioned.
2. Your limbs are obviously slender.
3. Your shoulders are broader than your hips.
4. You don’t have a well-defined waistline and it’s easy to accumulate fat on your belly.
5. You have a proud bust, but not necessarily as curvy through your hips

Guidelines for Dressing a Apple Shape

The name of the game is playing with proportions that elongate the body. Apple shapes look fabulous when playing up their full bust, their amazing legs and/or their arms. Ready for more good news? silhouettes that don’t rely on a traditionally structured waistline are your secret weapon.

1. Create a V-neck Look as Much as Possible

Girls with apple shaped usually have a problem that their neck is not long enough as upper body is relatively plump.  V-neck tops can save women who are troubled by this. It helps to lengthen the lines of the face and neck to achieve a slimming effect.

The recently hot halter design is able to form a “V “on the chest, which is fairly friendly to people with apple figure. It can not only show your slender collarbone , but also reveal a slight high-grade sexy. More of a “conservative” kind of girl? Look for a shirt in a dark shade. Wake up! Don’t fasten the button to the top one, untie the top 2-3 buttons to create the V-neck of the shirt If the occasion permits.

fitting top and loose bottom for pear shape

2. Choose a Piece with Three-Dimensional Version

Another feature of apple shaped body is their thick back and shoulders. Fortunately, the world’s strong three-dimensional tops also happen to look amazing on the classic apple frame. It is the best solution to use all visually sustainable piece to weaken the rounded characteristics of shoulders and backs and improve the aura.

Yes, yes, yes! When it comes to three-dimensional fashion pieces, there must be well-known blazers! The shoulder pad element and right angle cutting can modify your shoulder and back, and well cover up other shortcomings of your upper body. Looking for more structure? In addition to the classic cotton linen material, the three-dimensional feeling of leather suit will be stronger. Warm but not bloated.

fitting top and loose bottom for pear shape

3. Choose a Suit with No Obvious Division at the Waist

For girls with a plump abdomen and don’t have a well-defined waistline, this issue can be solved perfectly as long as they choose a piece with no obvious division of the upper and lower body. Jumpsuits or suits of the same color system are fantastic choices.

For example, wearing a dress can save the trouble of matching, and make the upper and lower parts of the body connected without any sense of violation. Naturally, it is not easy to focus on the stomach. Another way to dress is to wear similar colors on top and bottom. The less obvious the color difference, the more able to hide the round abdomen. Of course, you can also choose the same color and style, which will be more fashionable and slimming.

fitting top and loose bottom for pear shape

4. Wear Bright Colors on the Lower Body

Girls! Please don't ignore the advantages of your figure! Your legs are slim and the lines are enviable, why not show it off? Wearing bright colors or exaggerated elements on the lower body and focus on your slender legs. It looks like you can easily have an arrogant stature.

Take your pick! Color printed skirt is quite eye-catching. When everyone is attracted by your skirt, who else will notice your waist and belly? If you like your legs, go mini all the time.

fitting top and loose bottom for pear shape
three wrong way that people with pear shaped figure should say

Three Wrong Way That People with Pear Shaped Figure Should Say “No”

1. Say “no” to wide belt
The wide belt has a large area and strong visual attraction. It is easy for people to focus on your waist, which runs counter to our starting point. To get out of the waist, pick a belt with a moderate width. Remember that the position should be slightly higher than the small belly and avoid the thickest waist, which is equivalent to a cover up.

2. Say”no” to top with complicated design
The top with complicated design definitely not a wonderful option if you want to shift the visual focus from the upper body. The overlapping collars or too many decorations will only further expose the weakness of your body.

3. Say “no”to over loose bottoms 
As the upper body of the apple shaped body is relatively plump, the whole look will leave a bloated impression if your bottom is loose. It's better to avoid wide-leg pants, pouf skirt, tiered skirt, etc As long as we master the correct dressing skills, any figure can wear your most radiant side, and the apple shaped figure is no exception. These dressing guidelines are best used as a starting point! Want to learn more about dressing? Welcome to the world of bellabarnett!

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