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What Is A Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses have always been trending and that’s perfectly justified as they complement every body. Women use bodycon dresses all the time for the convenience, comfort, and style that they effortlessly add to your personality. With the lighter fabrics, bodycon dresses make an individual feel more comfortable and relaxed while wearing them. The major advantage of the bodycon is that women of any shape or size can easily wear such dresses, as they are precisely designed to trace your original silhouette. These dresses are a perfect option to wear in warm weather because of their relaxed fit. 

While a bodycon dress can give you a confidence boost, it can be intimidating to wear. Not everyone is used to show off their figure, and a bodycon is guaranteed to make you the center of attention. It’s all about how you style your dress and make the outfit your own. Once you master the art of dressing up a bodycon dress, it’ll be your signature style for every occasion.

How To Style A Bodycon Dress

Love bodycon dresses? Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of them.

1. Long vs. Short?

Longer bodycon dresses generally look more classier than shorter ones which bring a more saucy look fit for parties. Longer dresses look better for casual occasions and workplaces, whereas shorter bodycon dresses like the Hatty Diamond Corset can give you that perfect look for a prom night.

2. Accessorize

Bodycon dresses can be worn everywhere; they just need the right accessories. A classy handbag or a hat can help the same outfit fit different occasions. A sleeveless bodycon dress with the right coat is perfect for work and can quickly turn into a perfect date-night dress without the coat. Heels, bracelets, necklaces, the options, and opportunities are endless.

3. Stripes vs. Plain

Stripes are back in fashion, and rightly so, they can quickly transform boring designs into attractive ones. Stripes can quickly grab attention, and the short striped dresses can be perfect for a day on the beach. Stripes don’t usually need to be paired up with attractive shoes or accessories.
Plain bodycon dresses are great for people who love to use accessorize and try new things. Without a classy handbag or some patterned shoes, plain ones can look a tad bit boring.
Not into stripes or plain bodycon dresses? Give the leopard patterned dress and embrace the limelight in style.

4. Jackets

A bodycon on itself can seem boring, but the small addition of a jacket can make things much more interesting and attractive. An overcoat, a blazer, or even denim jackets can help you get a flawless look in no time. Don’t be afraid of trying new combinations, where a denim can transform your look into a casual one, a fur coat can complement the attire and have you ready for a nice dinner.

5. Shoes

The right shoes will complement your bodycon dress, while the wrong ones can just look like a horrendous wardrobe malfunction. A pair of flats is the safest bet for most bodycon dresses that have a stripes or intricate pattern on them.
A plain haltered bodycon can be paired with a pair of patterned shoes and vice versa. The rule of thumb is to strike a balance between the two and not overdo things. Popular choices for casual bodycon dresses include black flats, white rubber shoes, and kitten heels.
Dress length is another thing you need to be wary of. Knee-length dresses do not go well with ankle-high boots, they can make you appear shorter and can make the overall look boring.