The Halloween season has always been the most awaited holiday of the year, and it’s that time of the year where dressing to kill has a meaning. Dressing up for Halloween parties as an adult can seem confusing. This in-depth costume guide for the perfect Halloween dress will help you make an unforgettable entrance. 

You can try any of these ideas or mix them up to embrace the limelight and steal the show.

  • Take Cues from Disney Characters

If you’re not afraid of the limelight and are definitely not afraid of donning a glamourous, stylish, and jaw-dropping look, then dressing up as Maleficent is the perfect Halloween dress-up idea. One thing to keep in mind is that Halloween is not a Comicon, and you wouldn’t want to be dressed as a Disney character. The Hatty Diamond Corset Bodycon Dress provides the perfect balance between the scary and saucy that will help you feel confident, paving the way for a memorable entrance to the party. 

To wear a Halloween-themed scary look, try using dark lip colors with smoky eyes, and carry a matching black clutch. This dress is fit for Halloween dinner or costume party for the eve. 

  • Eye Makeup

Nothing scares more than spooky witch eyes. Even the most charming eyes can be given an evil look with the right makeup. Sometimes you won’t even need a costume if your eye makeup is done right. Try spider-web design or clown poker eyes that mean business.

There are a million styles you can try or mix things up to create your personal spooky makeup art for the eyes. Not good with eye makeup? The next section can help you dress up for the party.

  • Earrings

Have you ever come across anyone with repulsive earrings? Earrings can make an impact and are one of the most visible accessories you can wear. Again, there are excellent choices out there, ranging from lighted jack-o-lanterns to bloody chainsaws. Take your pick and select the right design that complements your overall attire.

Use your imagination and craft new ideas, try a dangling tooth earring, add a drop of red nail paint to it and to your shoulders to spice things up.

  • Aphrodite

The Greek Goddess of Love and Fertility could be a scare if you got on the wrong side of her. Granted, we can’t recreate the ancient look at a modern party, but taking cues is always allowed. The Mimia One Shoulder Chain Mini Bandage Dress can set you up for an alluring and elegant look. The shoulder-cut design and chains with sparkling diamante will have you looking like a queen with a Halloween setting in no time.

The look has only one assurance, you’re bound to turn heads, and pairing this black dress with classy heels, and spooky makeup will have you ready for an impactful entrance.

  • Leggings

If you’re the kind of person that works out and are proud of your legs, designing your look around them can win the spotlight in no time. A pair of hot stockings with a bold pair of heels will make a statement right away.

If you’re the bold type and are not afraid of trying new things, then a garter belt or suspenders with Halloween-themed decorations can help make a bold entrance.

  • Choker Necklace

If you don’t want to tweak your dress and are not interested in wearing Halloween-themed earrings, a simple choker necklace can do the trick for you. Choker necklaces come in all shapes and sizes. You can go for a simple band-styled choker necklace or experiment with something bolder.

  • Be Original

If there’s one tip we’d love you to go with, it’s to be yourself. You can try one or all of the tips given above, but nothing beats originality, and that’s what we, at Bella Barnett, believe in. If you’re looking to be yourself and still make an impression, try the Natalia One Shoulder Sequin Blazer Dress. It is a perfect combination of classy and saucy that will look extraordinary at any Halloween party. The half-stretch sequin with half satin crepe dress has one full sleeve of stretchable material and an airy open back that makes a classy statement. 

The dress can help you be yourself as it’ll look just as attractive with a strappy sandal or heels. You can carry a black leather clutch or mix it up with small pair of earrings with white crystals for your dinner look, or you could add in Halloween red lip color for a jaw-dropping sexy look, but then again, that’s just an opinion, and originality always helps!

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