Whether you’re a minimalist with a capsule closet or a maximalist with something new for every season, a one shoulder dress is a staple that works for every occasion. It’s a dress that can take you anywhere, from cocktails with friends to a family event or wedding reception. The secret is in the styling – and how you make this classic piece your own. We’re sharing our 5 favorite style tips for wearing one-shoulder dresses to show you why it’s a closet staple for every woman.

Which body type suits a one-shoulder dress

The beauty of a one shoulder dress is that it works for every body type. It draws attention to your shoulders and away from your torso. It’s a perfect choice for women with an athletic figure, particularly with strong shoulders and a slim neck. As an elegant and timeless style, a well-fitting one-shoulder dress will stay in your closet for years.

Our 5 favorite tips for styling a one shoulder dress

  • A statement accessory

With a one shoulder dress, you don’t need to wear a necklace. Instead, you can focus on the rest of your accessories and choose one statement piece. Oversized earrings with a drop silhouette or abstract style are a great choice, especially if you plan on wearing your hair tied back. You can keep the rest of your accessories light and dainty while choosing one to be the center of attention.

  • Choose a monochrome look

One of our favorite styling tips is to choose a bold color and make it the focal point of your look. Our Abbey dress is the perfect example of this, with a burnt orange shade that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. With a bold color like this, you can keep the rest of your look minimalistic to give your one-shoulder dress the attention it deserves.

  • Think about your hair

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When we’re talking about styling, it’s easy to get caught up thinking about your dress and its accessories. Your hair and makeup are just as important. In this case, we ask you to keep a hairspray, combs, and hair equipment such as a straightening iron at bay. They will be your unrivaled companions in creating that ideal style which you are aiming for.
If you are keeping your hair down, try sweeping them aside to expose the shoulder look. Similarly, you can also do them in an elegant ponytail or a messy bun to give off a sophisticated vibe.

What we love about a one shoulder dress is that it’s a rare opportunity to show off your décolletage. Get creative with your hair and choose a messy bun or an elegant chignon.

  • Make sure you are wearing the right underwear

What you wear underneath is just as important as what you wear on top. With a one shoulder dress, you want to be ready with a strapless bra or prepared to go with covers. Bra straps are a no-no when wearing a one shoulder dress; imagine having worn a strap one under this dress and going out with it. You will eventually end up in an embarrassing situation. This is why we recommend that in such cases, strapless is the best option you have got.
On the other hand, underwear with sequins or pearls will too tarnish your look. They do look great, but they are not meant for the occasion where you have a one shoulder dress wrapped around you already. Hence, go for a plain one instead.

  • Let the dress shine

When we’re wearing a dress, it’s easy to think about how you want to layer it. While a blazer or a short jacket might be cute with a tweed dress, you’ll lose the dramatic effect of the neckline by covering it up. If you end up wearing this stunning dress just to layer it up in the end, then you are obstructing its design. With the Fall season approaching, accentuate your style by showing off your skin rather than keeping it covered! These dresses are built to last you in the warmer seasons, and if you don’t take advantage now, your look may not deliver the impact you were hoping for. Hence, don’t layer your look unless you want the style to get destroyed! Don’t be afraid to show a little skin and let your dress shine.

The Bottom Line: Choose What Is In Alignment With Your Style

There are a lot of one shoulder dresses and numerous ways to walk the ramp with them. You have to put all of the above in perspective and scrutinize what can or will suit you. This will take some time, but we guarantee that you will be prepared well before your big day and undoubtedly be a gorgeous sight for sore eyes. You got this, and we have got your back!